The Confraternity of Ss. Peter and Paul

The Roman Breviary

The Divine Office of the Most Holy Roman Catholic Church

Restored by the Sacred Council of Trent
Published by order of the Supreme Pontiff Saint Pius V,
and carefully revised by other Popes,
Reformed by order of Pope Saint Pius X


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On Wednesday  March 14 we suffered the catastrophic failure of our main database.  By the time our technicians realized this was the problem, the four-day series of backups performed by our hosting service had already been destroyed.  Consequently, we have been obliged to redesign our login system, starting from scratch.

We hope you will rejoin us by clicking on the link to the Roman Breviary below.  You will then be able to subscribe on the new system.

If you subscribe before Ascension Day, you wil receive a frree month on your new account, so those who had a monthly subscription in the past will lose no money. In addition, former yearly accounts will have all the months remaining on that account credited to the new one.

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